Amee Raval
Nirvana Designs


Artist Bio

My work is a reflection and celebration of the rich Asian culture, traditions, and heritage, they guide my spirituality and echos in my art forms” – Amee Raval I am a marketing professional armed with a master's in business and have more than a decade of experience as a business professional, decided to pursue my passion for Glass, my exploration of the medium led me to explore my culture and heritage and inspired me to use glass as a medium to make sculptural objects. The deep-rooted cultural beliefs have been the inspirational force guiding my body of work.
My area of practice explores East Asian culture and heritage with an emphasis on temple architecture relevant to traditional patriarchal norms followed by society to mold women in a set pattern. I strive to bring meaning to the age-old stories and relate them with new age philosophy.

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The Ontario Clay and Glass Association