Barbara Banfield


Artist Bio

“A craftsman becomes an artist when he starts innovating. The experimenters blur the edges between craft and art, who can say if that is a pot or a sculpture."
Frank Ross - Craft Artist Exhibits


Barbara Banfield came to clay after twenty years in the garment industry, designing and manufacturing. The attraction to ceramics was instant, exploring new materials, working with her hands, the attention to detail and the excitement of process landed her at Sheridan College graduating in 2010. 

Barbara’s current work moves between high-fired reduction and oxidation as well as mold making and slip casting. The classical forms use surface texture and colour to give them vitality and energy. Non-objective painting is a  source of inspiration using shape, line and value to create imagery without always providing an obvious point of visual reference. Combining form, texture and dynamic glazes she strives to find a sense of harmony and beauty. 

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