Reza Hosseiny


Artist Bio

I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts (Handicrafts). Since then, clay became the first prior material for making artworks. During the pedagogical experiments, I found hand-building techniques the best way of making variety of shapes/concepts. Simultaneously with the master's degree studying and after that, finding the best medium for transferring the new implications and ideas became one of the main challenges of mine. Accordingly, I tried to continue using clay to convey the concepts. After settling in Canada, I had no proper facility to continue my art career and mostly ceramic, but I did not give up. I found Canada as a place with a lot of opportunities and specifically in ceramic art. This discovery convinced me to continue my passion. Making conceptual sculptural ceramic became a new approach for me. Since then, I am trying to make this new path familiar with Canadian ceramic materials/ Canadian artists' approaches.


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The Ontario Clay and Glass Association